Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cut20.com begins...

It was a cool 65 degrees this morning with light NE winds. My wife Kelley and I were headed to her bus stop and we met up with another cyclist. He was doing it for fitness and we were doing it for that, plus commuting to our jobs. We exchanged greetings, learned he was riding with a morning group out of a local bike shop and then we told him our destination. He commented, I wish more people would ride to work. So, I was inspired.

I have been inspired with the savings that one day's bike commute offers. It can be several hundred dollars a year, which pays for other life amenities or good causes. Trying to always squeeze more out of a dollar, I'm impressed when I look at my credit card statement and see that I only spent $40 for the month on gas because I drove my car five times, maxi-scooter six-eight times, and biked the rest. It really does save 20% - every day you ride.

The environment has been on a lot of peoples minds and palettes recently. We have been more concerned than most because we're longtime subscribers to Grist and Earth News Network. When the hurricanes affected oil supply and then prices started shooting up, I felt it in my wallet and wanted to change my lifestyle at the same time. We struggled with buying a hybrid, but the costs and impacts were dire for our finances. Instead we bought a Suzuki Burgman 400, which I'm happy to report gets an average of 60 mpg, though it's probably not as efficient with byproducts as some of the more complex hybrid cars.

We hope you'll check back with us, email us, share your stories, concerns, worries, and successes - about commuting. And if you can, drop an email and inquire about a Save Money @ Cut20.com t-shirt or riding jersey (bdchowell@hotmail.com). We don't have designs yet, so who knows, maybe you can help. That's about as far as the inspirations have carried us so far. Tell your friends, and most importantly... Save Money - Ride To Work !


Blogger lettuce said...

Theres been lots of biking talk on my blog and blogs of friends recently... much of it trivial, tho' one friend's husbands is cycling up Mont Ventoux, possibly even as I write this...

i commute in London on my bike, not central London tho', that would be a bit risky and scarey.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006  
Blogger Howell Haus, LLC said...

Up Mont Ventoux is probably the complete opposite of commuting to work in the flat scape that's Florida. We have to drive 100 miles just to find something that's over 100 feet above sea level. Now that's kinda scarey (can you say tsunami)...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006  

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