Thursday, April 27, 2006

This blog welcomes your bicycle commuting comments !

When Kelley and I were traveling down the Brasstown Bald, opposite direction from Jason McCartney and Jeff Kabush (2005 TDG), we witnessed what appeared to be two riders who had collided with a guard rail. One wasn't looking too hot, and the other had a nice big shiny strawberry on his cheek. It made me start thinking about all the times I've slid across pavement, gravel, chunky hillsides, wet fields, etc., and what a sometimes exuberant feeling it is to feel the acceleration of a slide... until the usual tumbling, tearing and sometimes solid thump, occurs.

Please share your comments of the worst commuting encounter you've ever had, whether it was with a motorist, all by yourself, or an encounter with nature or her creatures. I think my scariest was when I was passed very closely by a tanker truck out on Maitland Blvd in Orlando... he pulled his airhorn right when he was up to me. Scared the bejeebies out of me, and also got my adrenaline pumped. I caught him at the light (him not knowing that I was the recent 'Bike to Work' celebrity that beat the 97X van to downtown O-town in a live radio stunt). When I jumped up on the side of his truck to give him a piece of my mind - he just reached down and picked up his 9mm and told me quite bluntly to 'get off my truck'... which I did, quicker than I got up. I can imagine others have had similar bad experiences... let's hear yours !


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