Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Monte Wasteful ?

The British Government is taking aim at 'Standby Mode' on TV's and other appliances as evil devices that waste tons of energy. They want it to go away. When I read other people's responses I was amazed to notice that nobody is doing what we've done, which is effectively turned them off.

We connected our computer station to a UPS with surge protection. When we're done with the computer, everything gets turned off with one switch... bingo, no waste. When we're done with either 'telly', bingo... off goes the plugstrip. It's so simple, yet I'm hearing that it's an impossibility - not worth considering.

When I wake up in the middle of the night, worrying about my never-ending fatalism, I walk through my house without need for a nightlight or other to see my path. Why, because there are 40 LEDs lit up from surge-protected outlets, the stove and nuclearwave, plug strips, electronics, wall switches, etc. So, in the future when I'm given a choice, I'll be looking for ways to satisfy my British alliances and do things totally in the toe-jamming darkness. Way to go Parliament !!!


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