Monday, May 08, 2006

My Vectrix dream journal !

Just got my new Vectrix Scooter today !!! (oops, that was a dream). Can't stop thinking and talking about how quiet and powerful it was when I test drove it down in Miami Beach last weekend for Earth Day. October's going to be a long ways off. Here's another pic for those interested. I wonder if people will be able to make deposits when they start adding dealers. Can you say 'camp out'...?

Had to suffice with another human powered day doing the Cut20. It's a carbon offset thing. We run errands on weekends or drive our cars to work and then look for opportunities to offset it by riding on two, non-fossil fuel wheels. That's what is all about. Be sure to check out some of my links, post a comment, buy something green, exercise, hug someone (or something). Thanks - JD.


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