Friday, April 28, 2006

BIOTA Water - What's next, bike tires made from Lima Beans ???

I heard an interesting LIME Planet podcast this week during a workday car commute (bad fossil fuels... really bad). They were interviewing David Zutler and his BIOTA brand bottled water. What's the big deal you say - well, their bottles will self compost in 80 days or less, and they're made from corn ! And, these people have a sense of humor. The name BIOTA stands for 'Blame It On The Altitude'(they're in the Rockies)...

I knew this technology was arriving as I had something similar pointed out to me at the natural food store we support... Newman's brand mixed greens salads were in a corn-based plastic container. In fact, our next party is going to be on potato starch plates, cups and serving ware. We plan to bury this in a corner of our yard and dig it up at the next party to check stats - kewl eh ?

Well, BIOTA has a vision to get these products out to market and I get the feeling, based on their inspirations, that this is going to be a company that grows, gives back, and will be successful in staying on the path of sustainable design - sort of the William McDonough's of the water world (WM's an architect who wrote the book Cradle to Cradle, a must read for those who care).

Anywho - check out BIOTA's website on my links. Leave me a message if you've heard of someone else using similar materials in their products. And most importantly, tell others about my blog and let's keep the buzz going !


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