Thursday, September 09, 2010

ECOtality North America - The EV Project

July 19th I joined ECOtality North America in the pursuit of creating the 'largest deployment of EVs and charge infrastructure, ever, in the world.'  I had no idea what the pace and depth of my involvement would be in the weeks and months ahead.  It can't be described any other way - it's just amazing.

The Blink Network is the name for our EVSE (Electric Vehicle Support Equipment), which roughly translates into - this is the product we make.  It was created by Frog Design, which apparently throws a shindig for every product when it's released.  In our case it was a media blitz at the Plug-In 2010 event where the first units were revealed to the public.

I've been maddeningly attempting to contact business owners and area stakeholders in the region from Eugene to Portland, setting up site visits and working diligently to input all the contact data into our CRM system.  It's not a job for the slight of heart... you've gotta put blood, sweat and tears into the hours of typing, driving and spotting.  Google is now my pastime, whether it's Googling or Google Earthing... it's what I do !

I've yet to sit in a plug-in vehicle, let alone drive a Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt or any of the other numerous vehicles on the market.  I did get to drive the Gen 1 Arcimoto Pulse when it was called 'Frank', short for 'Frankenstein'.  Myself, I'd like to build my SolCamino (May 2006 post), but I'm still a long way off from having the resources, let alone talent, to build something as mod as it.

If you're considering an Electric Vehicle, do it.  The Level 2 and Level 3 DC Fast Chargers will be here soon and you'll be able to drive everywhere - emissions free !  And if you're someone who likes to lean and scream through corners, then you have to check out the new Brammo Empulse - up to 100 mph top speed and capable of distances to 100 miles...!  That's something I could own and wrap my legs around.  You know it, people !!!

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