Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tell next President 'eat the view' !

It turns out that there 'have been' kitchen gardens at the White House before. What a great way to Cut 20, you might say. Since I'd guess that 20% of the costs associated with the food coming into the White House are for transportation - namely, fossil fuels. So, if our next President were to restore a former tradition and begin using 20% of their garden staff to prepare fresh organic veggies - think of the positive effect this could have on the entire nation... potentially, planet.

And hopefully, they'll be using a bike and a Bob to haul their worm castings to and fro rather than using some horribly awful gas-powered lawn cart. Better yet, bike the compost out to the vermiculture farm, now part of the new White House tour, and use the compost tea and castings to create the 'full circle' effect of recycle, reuse, renew. That's what powers me on my bike since we're now doing vermiculture along with hydroponics, a rooftop garden and starting all our plants from seed. See you out there, on my bike, of course... JD Howell, Eugene, OR

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