Monday, February 18, 2008

Lance Armstrong's New Cycling Store

Click on the title to read today's Gristmill story about Lance Armstrong and a new bike store he's opening in Austin to encourage bicycle commuting - wow ! And, if you're not currently a Grist reader or supporter - please be encouraged to do both. Grist is where you can go to get your Climate update, as well as interesting and often funny twists on our fate... hmm.

There's a good chance you'll spot my posting on that article. I refer to several things people can use to help with commuting and continued use of bicycles for transportation... which include Xtracycle, electric assisted bikes, trikes and recumbents. There are also numerous other projects going on out there that are related to electric modality.

I only wish most or all of these companies would implore their customers to install solar photovoltaics at the same time they're planning to plug-in to the power grid. Otherwise, most places are just burning more coal, and most utilities are only 30-33% efficient in their energy conversion. Solar is less efficient, but it doesn't burn coal once it's installed - problem solved.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see Lance invest in an electric bike company with a built-in Xtracycle and attachable side car for the 2nd and 3rd kiddies or dog...???

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