Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bike To Work Without Wrinkles ?

If you've tried to commute by bike and carry clothes that normally hang in your closet, you're like me and have tried a lot of different things. The best solution I ever had was a dry cleaning arrangement with our uniform company to take my personal clothes with our shop's uniforms and bring them back weekly, cleaned and pressed. Then all I had to do was ride and change at work - and it was close enough, even in Florida, where I didn't need a shower. However, I'm not at that company anymore and I don't believe that this is a carbon neutral behavior anyway - so forget that idea - okay ?

So, how you might ask, do I commute by bike without wrinkles. Well, you leave it up to a group of inventive, dedicated cyclists and you'll find your answer. Two Wheel Gear a Canadian company located in Calgary, Alberta - does just that with their new Suit Bag for your bike. I like this concept because it allows you to carry other things and it integrates with a standard-sized rear bicycle rack. Plus, the price is the same whether you're paying in American dollars or Canadian... so, you can't feel beat up about that ! Stop by their website, give them a call or drop them a line telling them that JD Howell from sent you. If you do, please leave me some feedback so I know to tell others about the quality and value of their products... it's not cheap at $150 US/CN, but good stuff never is.

See you out there, on my bike of course... JD

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