Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iraq War Greenhouse Emissions

Staggering ! I mean STAGGERING ! No, not just the equivocal greenhouse gases of 25 million cars, but the amount of money to achieve the renewables needed to reach a year 2030 target for reduction of global warming. As it stands, incentives for renewables are slated to end at the federal level - end of 2008.

True, we wouldn't have spent this much on renewables, and we haven't really spent this much on the war - we've borrowed and hedged our bets on the future of our country on this war. Though I support the military, I don't support fighting for oil - especially when I see the majority of people riding alone in their vehicles, going less than 4 miles average to their errands, jobs, etc.

People... we need to be cultivating minds, trees and bike lanes. We need to stop forcing our agenda on others and get back to fighting for those who can't defend themselves against tyranny, poverty and social injustices. We need to pack City Hall's everywhere, with people that care... really care.

Hope to see you out there, on my bike, of course... JD Howell, Eugene, OR


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