Thursday, December 21, 2006

Resolutions - Full Speed Ahead !

What a great piece of artwork, borrowed from Christmas Treasures of Blue River, Oregon (

Merry Christkwanzakkuh !!! Season's Greetings, and may we wish you all - time for reflection. To reflect upon all that we're blessed with in this great land. To appreciate others and what we can do for them. And when you can, give the gift of cycling. Borrowing from a Bible parable... Take someone for a ride on your bike and they ride for just a day. Teach them to ride and buy them a bike and they ride for their whole life.

Resolutions... to ride more. To buy someone else a bike, new or used, as it's one of life's greatest gifts. To teach someone else to ride, even if it's a trike, or just to ride on the back of our tandem. To keep a pump and repair kit in my car to help unfortunate riders that flat or break down. To carry give-away poncho's in my car or bike for those that get caught in a downpour, unprepared. To feed someone, regardless of how many times they show up in the same place with their cardboard sign that reads, homeless, will work for food, etc.

If I ride more, I'm sure I'll have an opportunity to encounter all these... and many others. This coming year, let's all get on our bikes and ride. Ride to conserve resources. Ride to improve our world condition. Ride for the benefit of trees. Ride for the benefit of asthma sufferers. Ride to lighten your carbon footprint. Ride to encourage others... to ride. Hope we see you out there on a Resolution Ride. As for me and mine, that's where we'll be... JD & Kelley Howell

If you're interested in how our tandem tour of the Blue Ridge turned out, please visit the sister site at:

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