Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sanyo comes to Salem !

Good news for Oregon ! Sanyo has announced plans to build a 70MW capacity solar ingot and panel manufacturing plant, right here in my own backyard. As a commercial solar consultant for Advanced Energy Systems, I am fortunate and excited to be in the midst of this spectacular development. It makes me consider changing my Cut20 purpose from one of 'Ride your Bike and Cut your fuel and emissions by 20%' to 'Go Solar - 20% by 2020'... how'bout ? I might add that this news hit the airwaves (KLCC-Eugene) the very same day I was driving to Salem for a customer contract signing on a 30kW system going up in Albany, OR. It was music to my ears...! But, you'll still see me out there, either in my white Forester, or on my bike of course. JD Howell, Eugene, OR.

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