Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The President 'Comes Out' - June 18, 2008

President Bush just finished saying all the things I expected, before he steps down early 2009. He has finally 'come out' in full view to discuss the things that have been ultimately, his perfect agenda. Congress has rallied against the oil industry execs, trying to understand why we're paying record prices for oil while they're enjoying record profits. This explains how President Bush and the oil industry are so closely linked. These are the 'haves', whom John McCain supports as well.

Not one word was spoken about alternative transportation. Not one word was spoken about deconstructing our status quo landscape of a concrete and asphalt jungle. Not one word was spoken about carpooling, riding a bicycle or using public transportation. Not one word was spoken about planning trips, keeping your tires inflated, tuning your vehicles or asking people to drive in a manner that's more efficient. Mostly, let's do more of what we've been doing for the past 100+ years, tearing up the planet, increasing our carbon dioxide output, making climate change a certainty for future generations to solve.

Congressman Peter DeFazio was glimpsed on CNN, shouting at members of Congress that there are multitudes of oil leases currently unused. That the President's appeal to the public is nothing short of a sham, intended to allow them to rise up further against the populace, gaining an even stronger hold on our lives. This is not about energy independence. This is greed.

As a cyclist, it harms my very soul to see the leader of the free world making claims against the Democratic party, further dividing the people who make up our great country. Cyclist's are not party affiliates, we are people who choose to live more simply. And not just to the beat of a different drum. The drumbeat is nothing more than the organic heartbeat of a planet that's suffering the transportation equivalent of artherosclerosis. We're having a transportation heart attack and the President wants to serve us a chocolate shake, triple bacon cheeseburger and super size fries !

I hope and pray that the American public are not fooled by this man any further. This is clearly an agenda between the oil execs and the President to allow record profits while pushing us all to the brink of bad decisions in the delusional hopes that these high costs of living will allow us to lose focus on a better planet and sacrifice it for something that's more than likely, a shell game. There is no such thing as free in life. Thus far, we've been paying subsidized costs for everything, but it's paid for in our federal taxes. Don't be fooled, rather, get on your bike and ride - everywhere you can. Remember, each time you ride to work by bike, you've cut your fuel costs and emissions by 20%. That's the concept, now repeat it. As for me and mine, we'll see you out there - on our bikes, of course.