Monday, June 15, 2009

Is It Soup Yet ?

We made the trek across America in February, of all months, two years ago. We did not believe that enough of Florida would ever get a clue about organic, renewable, green energy, solar power, etc., so we left. We settled into a green, outdoorsy place - mixed with hippies, dippies, yippies, yappies and a few yuppies. You can let your hair down here, be yourself, live without a car, even walk if you like. Yet, I was expecting more. I was expecting a lot more.

What I thought was that everyone would do anything they could to go green. That people would fall over themselves to have a solar system on their home, business or even bus. But, I'm learning more than certainly that economics has no choice, but to get in the way. That a state's historical unemployment and low overall income stats have an effect on whether people have the right financial situation to afford renewable energy, highly subsidized or not.

Since April of 2008, I've been attempting to bring home the message of alternative energy. To demonstrate to people that this is what we need to do in order to bridge the gap to our next economic uptick. I've resorted to telling the story of 'Stone Soup', because people are having a hard time 'handing over the ingredients' - so to speak - of an economic hunger.

It's easy to reason that if more of us don't find a way to join in the energy revolution, then something's going to need to happen further - to stimulate this new path I've chosen to pursue - looking for those willing to come along. And if it doesn't happen pretty soon, may mean, the only thing you'll see me out there on - is my bike !

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