Thursday, January 17, 2008

JD Apple Seed...

LinkCan you imagine the greening of Apple ? Well, don't imagine. It's really happening and all us Mac supporters need to send Steve Jobs a note thanking him for this...

This article from today's EcoSpace zine explains the alterations in the product and mindset of Apple, starting with the new MacBook Air.

I suggest you read it. When you're done, if you agree it's great - send Steve a note. And, tell him JD Apple Seed sent you...

I hope you're all having a very Green Day. And, I'm also hopeful that someday soon I'll be able to report that I'm doing something green myself, and it's making a difference for all us. See you out there, on my bike of course... JD

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The New America

Let's say we're about to experience a major upheaval, brought about by a seasonably accurate recession, but followed by something much more gloomy. The linked article on a New America was a most interesting read... (

After reading a comparison of Presidential Candidates and their 'Green Positions', I was impressed enough to post that we need to do more than what any of our prospective leaders propose - and we can. The easiest means we have to make a difference is by consuming less. This blog is about using less. Carpool, ride a bike, telecommute... whatever you can do. And by the way, do you really need that light on ? Is that a halogen ? Come'on... turn it off. Oh, and while you're up - turn the thermostat down and grab your recycled soda bottle Patagonia pullover to keep you cozy.

I recommend we do more. We can strive each day to ride our bike instead of taking the car. But, even if you do drive, try to carpool. If you can't do that, then at least try to time the lights so you don't stop and start. Pay no heed to hurry-ups behind you, they need to learn to conserve too. And if you spot a street where the lights seem impossible to make because of the timing, call your transportation department and inquire why. Sometimes it's traffic calming. Sometimes, it's overlooked. Did I fail to mention - take the bus. There's another option ! And, I almost forgot my feet - woe is me ! Walking... another dubious option :o)

In the meantime, check out this article on The New America. It might just wake you up to the possibility that we're deeper in this mess than we recognize and that we all need to buck up and start facing facts. There's even a mention of Eugene, OR - in the future... See you out there, on my bike of course...

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